All the Chakras And How They Work Together

Although there are hundreds of locations within the body where power is focused and focused, when we utilize the term Chakra (Sanskrit for wheel), we are normally describing the 7 major center of attentions of vital force found within the etheric physical body. Comparable to tires, these spinning electricity vortexes develop a network whereby we have the ability to obtain, procedure and transmit life powers and hence allow spirit, body and mind to serve as one full, alternative system.  You can learn more with singing bowl schools such as the vibrational sound Association.


Each of these significant chakras has a specific feature and corresponds to a certain facet of our consciousness, as well as being connected to a certain glandular or body organ, a colour of the rainbow and elements (earth, air, fire or water; or a combination of components), numerous foods, gems or minerals, scents and physical functions.

Understanding these centerpieces and dealing with them will enable us to introduce spiritual, mental and physical aspects of our enjoying a relationship which is harmonious and therefore enable us to acknowledge, accept and integrate all levels contained within our consciousness.  Check out for more information on certification, workshops, courses, and classes.

As area does not permit a complete listing of all correspondences, right here is a simplified listing of all 7 chakras, their mathematical position, name, area, colour, fundamental function and associated glandular / organ:

First – root system or base – base of spinal column (coccyx) – red – gives physical vigor, protects life force, self-love and impulses – adrenal glandulars, renals.

Third – solar plexus – underneath the breastbone, behind tummy – gold yellow – facility of individual power, intellect, ambition, desire, celestial pressure, emotional states based upon touch and intelligence – pancreas, belly, intestinal systems, liver, gall bladder, spleen, free nerves.

Fifth – neck – neck / neck, over the dog collar bone – blue – interaction, behaves to offer power and understanding for / of mental and spoken interaction – thyroid, neck and mandible, alimentary canal, vocal cables, lungs, breath.

Sixth – 3rd eye or brow – between and approx. one finger’s width above eyebrows – indigo – psychic power, spiritual energy, greater instinct, magnetic forces, lighting, clairvoyance, healing from obsessions – pituitary glandular, eyes, ears, nose, cerebellum, sinuses, main nervous system.

Naturally there is far more to them, but the main point to remember is that in order to work effectively and keeping the consistency of the whole in one piece, they have to be stabilized and open. If several of them is over / under energetic or shut, the consistency is shed and health of physical body, mind and spirit will be impacted.